Berrybody Frozen Yogurt



We offer 3 flavors daily. Original Tart, a fruit flavor, and rotate Chocolate and Vanilla. Each Wednesday we offer a dairy-free sorbet flavor!

Customize your frozen yogurt from the menu below

(choose either yogurt in a cup with three fresh toppings or yogurt in a cone)
(all natural yogurt, non-fat milk and three fresh toppings blended into a delicious drink)

Pick a size
kids (3 oz.) small (5 oz.) medium (7 oz.) large (10 oz.)
blenders are one size (16 oz.)

Try our To-Go cup (15 oz.) or
To-Go box (20 oz.) to freeze at home!

Pick 3 Toppings
(toppings will vary by season and include fresh fruit, granola, raw nuts and various candies and cereals)

some notice may be needed for special orders

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